6 GHz RF Upconverter

The SC5407A and SC5408A are high performance, triple stage, heterodyne upconverters. With input RF frequency ranging from DC to 6 GHz, the modules have selectable IF bandwidths of 80 MHz, 160 MHz, and 320 MHz. Each module utilizes a YIG oscillator as its tunable RF LO, which provides excellent phase noise, thus contributing negligible noise to the output RF signal. These modules are designed to meet demanding applications such as RF instrumentation, wireless communications, satellite link, software defined radio and signal intelligence.

Full implementation instructions, GUI, driver software, and example code are provided with each module.

PXI Express Module


Core Module


  • Frequency Range 100 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Low residual phase noise < -100 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, 1 GHz carrier
  • 1 Hz tuning resolution (exact frequency)
  • Ultra bandwidth up to 320 MHz
  • 3rd order intermodulation < 75 dBc
Part Number Product Description
7100073-01 SC5407A, 6 GHz RF Upconverter PXI Express
7100074-01 SC5408A, 6 GHz RF Upconverter with USB and SPI Interfaces
7100074-02 SC5408A, 6 GHz RF Upconverter with USB and RS232 Interfaces

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