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X-Band Dual Channel RF Downconverter

Q2 2013

Austin, Texas - SignalCore is pleased to introduce the latest addition to the company’s line of super-heterodyne downconverters as part of our commitment to provide system engineers with high performance and low cost instrumentation-grade subsystems.

The SC5360A is a 9.345 GHz, dual channel, dual-stage conversion, super-heterodyne downconverter with integrated local oscillators (LO) that delivers superior performance. Designed initially for EW, it meets demanding applications such as X-Band radar systems, communication systems, spectral monitoring systems, and as a sub-system component in custom precision test equipment (i.e. spectrum analyzers).

The standard output IF is 140 MHz with a 3 dB bandwidth of 40 MHz and exhibits no spectral inversion. Both channels are driven directly by common LOs, making the SC5360A desirable for applications that require dual coherent reception of signals in a compact size.

The SC5360A is designed to ease system engineers effort in their embedded applications, like signal intelligence or radar systems where users require high quality , compact RF modules. Given our combination of low phase noise, high dynamic range, excellent flatness response and low spurious content, SignalCore products are the clear choice for frequency translation. Now you can focus on system-level design and leave the core functionality and performance to us.