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High Performance 10 GHz Signal Sources

Q3 2013

Austin, Texas - SignalCore is pleased to introduce high performance 10 GHz signal sources as part of our commitment to provide system engineers with high performance and low cost instrumentation-grade subsystems.

The SignalCore SC5502A and SC5503A are 10 GHz synthesized CW signal sources with instrument grade performance in stunningly compact sizes. To meet demanding low phase noise applications, these sources employ multiple phase-locked loop architectures with YIG oscillators at the heart of their synthesizers. They have automatic leveling control (ALC) circuits to ensure precise amplitude control over frequency and temperature. Frequency accuracy is provided by an onboard 10 MHz temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) that can be phase-locked to an external reference source if required.

The frequency range is 50 MHz to 10 GHz with exact frequency tuning resolution of 1 Hz. Phase noise measured for 1 GHz carrier at offsets of 10 kHz and 1 MHz are -120 dBc/Hz and -150 dBc/Hz respectively. Amplitude range is from -60 dBm to 10 dBm with amplitude resolution of 0.1 dB.

The SC5502A is offered for PXI/cPCI Express platform while the SC5503A is available for USB, SPI, or RS-232 interfaces. To make integration of our modules into your system quick and easy, SignalCore offers full implementation instructions, driver software, and examples with each platform module. Driver code may be available upon request.

Both SC5502A and SC5503A may be used as standalone CW signal sources, or as LO sources for frequency conversion systems such as the SignalCore IQ modulators and demodulators. They are designed to meet the requirements of many modern applications such as wireless device testing, software-defined radio research, point-to-point radio, multi-channel coherent systems, and other academic and military programs.

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