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RF Synthesizers

SignalCore signal sources are designed to meet demanding RF and microwave applications in academia, military, and commercial markets. Our broadband CW signal sources offer low phase noise performance, fast frequency locking, and fine resolution tuning, all with robust and easy to use programming interfaces.

SC5511A - 20 GHz Signal Source USB/RS-232/SPI

SC5510A - 20 GHz Signal Source PXI Express

SC5503B - 10 GHz Signal Source USB/RS-232/SPI

SC5502A - 10 GHz Signal Source PXI Express

SC5505A - 6 GHz Dual Channel Source PXI Express

SC5506A - 6 GHz Dual Channel Source USB/RS-232/SPI

SC800 - nanoSynth® Integrated 6 GHz SMT Synthesizer

RF Upconverters

SignalCore RF Upconverters are designed to meet today’s demanding wireless applications. They are high performance devices that can be easily integrated into many signal generation systems. They are well suited to pair up with our RF downconverters to form transceiver pairs.

Direct IQ

SC5413A - 6 GHz IQ Modulator USB/RS-232/SPI

SC5412A - 6 GHz IQ Modulator PXI Express


SC5408A - 6 GHz RF Upconverter USB/RS-232/SPI

SC5407A - 6 GHz RF Upconverter PXI Express

SC5406B - 3.9 GHz RF Upconverter USB/RS-232/SPI

SC5405A - 3.9 GHz RF Upconverter PXI Express

RF Downconverters

With low phase noise, fine tuning steps, continuous broadband coverage, the ability to lock to a precision external reference source, and boasting a very high dynamic range, SignalCore Downconverters focus on preserving signal integrity for subsequent digitizing and signal processing, providing our customers with the tools they need for precise frequency translation.

Direct IQ

SC5313A - 6 GHz IQ Demodulator USB/RS-232/SPI

SC5312A - 6 GHz IQ Demodulator PXI Express


SC5360A - 9.345 GHz Dual Channel USB/SPI

SC5360B - 9.05 to 9.55 GHz Dual Channel USB/SPI

SC5308A - 6 GHz RF Downconverter USB/RS-232/SPI

SC5307A - 6 GHz RF Downconverter PXI Express

SC5306B - 3.9 GHz RF Downconverter USB/RS-232/SPI

SC5305A - 3.9 GHz RF Downconverter PXI Express

SC5303A - 1.3 GHz RF Downconverter USB/RS-232/SPI

Custom Requirements

SignalCore welcomes the opportunity to quote custom designs. Our innovative design capabilities, rich engineering talent, agile product development, and professional technical support take challenging design-to-spec problems and turn them into cost effective solutions that meet or exceed customer performance requirements.

Today’s communication standards demand high linear performance, high dynamic range, and low noise hardware systems to ensure that the integrity of critical signal information is preserved, resulting in higher quality and faster data transmission, better image and video quality, and better voice fidelity. As more and more information channels are added to the increasingly crowded frequency spectrum, the task of ensuring channel-to-channel isolation becomes more and more challenging. Non-linearity and noise in communication systems are the primary hindrances to maintaining good channel-to-channel isolation. Designing, manufacturing, and testing high-performance communication products requires hardware that is up to the task.

SignalCore’s fundamental philosophy is to produce instrumentation-grade subsystems that focus on being highly linear and low in noise. Our strong engineering knowledge of low noise design, in particular low phase noise design, ensures that products we produce have noise levels that are among the lowest, if not the lowest, in the industry.