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The SC5412A is a single slot, 3U, PXI express, 400 MHz to 6 GHz direct IQ modulator, up converting analog Inphase and Quadrature IF or IQ baseband directly to RF. The frequency range of the baseband/ IF is from DC to 160 MHz. It can also be operated as a single stage upconverter. The DC coupled differential IQ pair may be driven by any dual channel baseband source such as a dual channel arbitrary waveform generator. The local oscillator (LO) is supplied by an external source such as the SignalCore SC5505A, and its replica may be used to drive another direct IQ upconverter for coherent transmission.

The SC5412A is designed to be paired up with the SC5505A signal source to form a complete RF direct IQ modulator/ upconverter solution. It can also be configured with the SC5312A direct IQ demodulator as a RF signal transceiver.

Whether you are building systems for wireless communication testing, software define radio research, point-to-point radio, multi-channel coherent systems, or other academic / military programs, the SC5412A’s high dynamic range, low power consumption, and modular/compact size, provide the quality and flexibility you are looking for in your system architecture.

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SC5412A, 6 GHz Direct IQ Modulator PXI Express

6 GHz IQ Modulator


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SC5413A - 6 GHz IQ Modulator