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Key Features

The SC5506A is a 25 MHz to 6 GHz dual channel CW signal source. The channels provide independent frequency generation from 25 MHz to 6 GHz in frequency steps of 1 Hz. Both channels have a common internal 10 MHz TCXO reference, which can be phase locked to an external source for frequency synchronization.

The SC5506A is designed with the intent of being paired up with SignalCore IQ modulators and demodulators such as the SC5413A and SC5313A respectively, to form RF transceivers. It also serves well as LO sources for multiple single stage downconverters or a dual stage downconverter. Due its low spurious content and low phase noise, it is an ideal choice as a clock source for fast DAC and ADC applications, especially for those that require variable sampling rates. Its compact size and instrumentation grade performance make the SC5506A an ideal RF source for many modern applications such as wireless test systems, radar, digital clocking, instrumentation, and both academia and military applications.

To make integration of our core modules into your system quick and easy, SignalCore offers interface boards that mate directly to our modules. All our interface boards provide pluggable terminal blocks for power connectivity, and are available as USB, RS-232, and SPI as the interface bus. Full implementation instructions, driver software, and example code are provided with each module.

SC5505A - 6 GHz Dual Channel Source PXIe

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SC5506A, 6 GHz Dual Channel Signal Source with USB and SPI  Interfaces


SC5506A, 6 GHz Dual Channel Signal Source with USB and RS-232 Interfaces

6 GHz Dual Channel Signal Source


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