RF Upconverters

Compact modules. High reliability.

SignalCore offers traditional multi-stage and single-stage upconverters, and Direct IQ modulators that feature low phase noise, high dynamic range, wide bandwidth, and continuous tuning. SignalCore upconverters are compact and built for mechanical robustness and ruggedness. Applications include various test and measurement applications such as those in point-to-point radio, wireless communication, ATE, and software-defined radio. All products are provided with a Graphical User Interface (GUI), driver, and API for easy programming control.

Direct IQ

6 GHz Direct IQ Modulator PXI Module

6 GHz IQ Modulator

Frequency: 80 MHz - 6 GHz
Platform: PXIe/USB-SPI-RS232

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6 GHz RF Downconverter PXI Module

6 GHz RF Upconverter

Frequency: 100 kHz - 6 GHz
Platform: PXIe/USB-SPI-RS232

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3.9 GHz RF Downconverter Core Module

3.9 GHz RF Upconverter

Frequency: 1 MHz - 3.9 GHz
Platform: PXIe/USB-SPI-RS232

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Custom Design

SignalCore welcomes the opportunity to quote custom designs. Our innovative design capabilities, rich engineering talent, agile product development, and professional technical support take challenging design-to-spec problems and turn them into cost effective solutions that meet or exceed customer performance requirements.

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